Chess combines fascinations of opposite kinds, a quality entirely special to itself; it is peaceful, and at the same time warlike; it is light, and yet profound; it is manly, and yet womanly.

Chess kibitzers keep their social distance.

Shāhnāmah, a Persian epic poem, written by Firdawsī, in the 16th century. f. 463v

The British Library

Chess King and Queen in the translation into Venetian dialect of Jacopo de Cessolis "Liber de scacchis," 1459.

Bodleian Library MS. Canon. Ital. 4, University of Oxford

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This chess piece was listed in Christie's for auction as a pawn, but it looks more like a Knigth. It's Nordic, 15th century, made of Ivory.



Ancient board games: which ones did people play for fun in the past? HistoryExtra…

Chess playing in the french Romance of Alexander, c. 1338-1344.

Bodleian Library MS. Bodl. 264, fol. 112r

University of Oxford

Chess playing in the french Romance of Alexander, c. 1338-1344.

A magnificent illuminated manuscript at the Bodleian Library MS. Bodl. 264, fol. 127.v

University of Oxford

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This piece, dated 12th century, is an example of the representational chess design found in Northern Europe. Made of walrus ivory. Perhaps from Trondheim.

It's a wonderful King whose beard is longer than his sword!

Musée du Louvre

Tristan & Isolde; Ceiling of the Pallazo Chiaramonte, Palermo. S. XIV

Six Gentlemen and Ladies in a Garden, Two of Them Playing at Chess

Plate 31 from William Young Ottley, A Collection of 129 Fac-Similes of Scarce and Curious Prints, by the Early Masters of the Italian, German, and Flemish Schools (London 1828)

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This chess piece is a Rook, dated 9th–12th century, from Nishapur, Iran. Made of ivory, carved & painted.

Splendid piece! I love the vertical grooves, adding texture and making the surface more "touchable".

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Chess-men and board must necessarily be made part and parcel of every decent drawing-room in the land.


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This chess piece is a 10-11th century bishop, made of whalebone. Found in England along with other chessmen, plus one with a curious inscription (SATRAS, perhaps from shatranj).

Shape is typical early islamic, but the carved heads are Northern European.

The British Museum

Chess set, c. 1550


Shôgi Chess Board, Pieces and Spring Flowers in Blue-and-White Porcelain Pot; from the series A Selection of Horses (Umazukushi), with poems by Shunshôtei Utsukushima and Shûchôdô Monoyana

Katsushika, Hokusai, 1760-1849, Japan

What a delicate composition!

Harvard Library


This is so exciting!! I finally have my first published piece of academic work in my hands ✨

Board game pieces - From the Viking town Birka, #. (8th-10th century)

Der Niedersächsische Schachverband trauert um den langjährigen Spielleiter des Schachbezirks Hannover, Fritz Obert.…

Langjährigen Spielleiter des Schachbezirks Hannover, Fritz Obert

Queen Chess Piece
13th century


The Queen was one of medieval Europe’s key contributions to the game of chess as it is known today. Beginning in the 12th century, Queens gradually replaced the Viziers of the Islamic and Persian chess tradition.

(Met Museum)

The women who made the fabulous Parker Brothers Pastimes jigsaw puzzles like this 2.5 ft. wide pirate puzzle from 1933 created wonderfully whimsical pieces called "figurals." Hopefully the image is good enough for you to zoom in and find some in this copy from @museumofplay (1/2)

"A Hit at backgammon"
Thomas Rowlandson, 1810. England.

Backgammon "a la rabiosa" 😱😱

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

Beim großen Stadtbrand 1854 wurden zwei Drittel Waldkappels zerstört # #

Wenn alles läuft wie geplant, hat Ströbeck 2023 ein neues Schachmuseum. Und wird dann Teil des Unesco-Welterbes.…
Hoffnung nach dem Brand: ein neues Schachmuseum für Ströbeck

Pleasures of Astronomy.

c. 1815. London

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Mount of Knowledge

c1800, London

Victoria and Albert Museum

Networks and games

Did you know that the 2nd book in history printed in English was about #?

The first English publisher William Caxton's translation of "The Game and Playe of the Chesse" was published in 1476. "The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye" came out of his press a year earlier.

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Chess originated in India; and it passed thence into China, and next into Persia whence the Arabs took it, and thence to Spain.


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Angelica Kauffman (1778/1780)

Fashion, chess, original Queen's Gambit?
What a marvel!

Royal Academy of Arts, London
Photographer: John Hammond

Torre de # # del s. XI (Museo Arqueológico Regional). El ajedrez, de origen indio, fue popular en Al-Ándalus, desde donde se introdujo en Europa. "Ajedrez" viene del # "ash-shatranch" الشطرنج y este del # "chaturanga".

According to the Persian story, in order to avoid paying taxes to the Sasanians (Persian Empire), the rajah of India challenged the Iranians to figure out how to play chess. They did, and so tribute had to be payed.

Here, the vizir Buzurgmihr Masters the Game of Chess

This chess piece is most likely a pawn, dated 12th century
from Scandinavia, made of whale ivory

An outstanding example of Northern European medieval design. True chess warriors!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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