Streatham Cemetery yields another chess burial (Front block L): W. T. Marshall (1857-1919), main man at Nightingale Lane Chess Club 1890s to his death. NLCC then fizzled out. Also active in City of London CC. Lived in Balham.
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A nice interview with @retorquere , author of the @zotero BBT (Better Bib(La)TeX) extension, and hey, BBT now properly handles the four # entries from #-software too!… # #
Citations for professionals: An interview with Emilano Heyns

Mike Romanoff, one of Humphrey Bogart's chess-playing friends, was quite a character. In the October 29, 1945 issue of @LIFE, he was described as "the most wonderful liar of the 20th-century U.S."


This chess pawn is dated 9th–12th century, made of stone, from Nishapur, Iran.

A humble soldier; still dreaming of becoming a Ferz (the Queen predecessor).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ludwig Deutsch - The chess game between Tha'ālibī and Bakhazari (1896)

Ingram Braun (via DFRN)
Paul Morphy's supposed birthplace, home and grave, New Orleans.

This chess set is dated c. 1790, made of ivory and ebony, from Italy.

Each piece shows with exquisite details a specific species of butterfly or moth!

Richard Beenen Photography
Collection of Dr. George and Vivian Dean

This Royal Game of Ur board was excavated by Sir Leonard Woolley in 1926. It is dated to 2600 BC, and is considered one of the oldest board games in the world!

It is now held in the @britishmuseum, under a very very thick layer of glass!

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This is an amazing chess table, made in India (Mumbai) c. 16th- 17th century; made of wood w. copper, ivory and iron.

The table has also a music box; in the middle, a hidden sculpture will come out after the game is over. Fantastic!

Palacio Nacional da Ajuda, Portugal

"The Winter's Day"

Etching and aquatint printed in brown ink by Caroline Watson, 1803. Based on an illustration by Maria Cosway to a poem by Mary Robinson.

The text: 'Is it where Gamesters thronging round ... Sporting their senseless hours away? Ah! no!'

The British Museum

The Chess Players, Thomas Eakins, 1876. ‘’Metropolitan Museum’’.

In a museum, which has subsequently been demolished, with some promising # kid. #, 24th April 2005.

Detectorist discovery of a full set of Hnefatafl pieces sells at auction…
Detectorist discovery of a full set of Hnefatafl pieces sells at auction

😍 Des As-moustaches ou montres-molles, des valets Pinocchio, des bouches, des yeux et des nez-nombres, des chapeaux-bateaux et des chapeaux-oiseaux, dans le magnifique jeu de cartes surréaliste de Salvador Dali (ici, 2e éd., 1971) 😍

This game piece (chess or backgammon) is dated 10th–11th century (or later), made of rock crystal, Western Islamic Lands.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Eartha Kitt & husband Bill McDonald playing chess.
Eartha Kitt was an American singer, actress known for her highly distinctive singing style & her 1953 recordings of "C'est si bon" & the Christmas song "Santa Baby", both of which reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.


The genius of chess is to fight, herein is found its crowning excellence.

This chess piece is a Rook, c. 14th century from Scandinavia, made of walrus ivory and bone.

In medieval Scandinavia, the chess rook was a watchman with his back to a fence. It is blowing his horn, holds a sword, and two soldiers go along on each side.

The Walters Art Museum

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Chess table made of iron, damascened with gold and silver and set with lapis-lazuli and agate probably made in Milan about 1575.

(Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

#. Ein fiktiver Thread

Lothar Wieler: Die Schule brennt.

Wolfgang Wodarg: Brandwunden sind auch nicht schlimmer als ein einfacher Sonnenbrand.

Homöopathen: Wer sein Immunsystem mit Vitaminen und Globuli stärkt, hat von Rauchgas nichts zu befürchten.

Chess Piece in the Form of a Knight c. 1510–30 Western European, possibly Germany or England. This is the sole known survivor from a set. (Met Museum)

BGSJ 15: On misconceptions. De Voogt on mancala's assumed antiquity; Crist evaluates evidence of senet's age & diffusion; Schmidt-Madsen uncrosses cruciform confusion; Schädler rights wrong ideas re. Roman games; I attempt to unravel tafl

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) in Lappish dress.<br />Oil painting after Martin Hoffmann.<br />Wellcome Collection.

Check out the new edition of the Board Game Studies journal, which focuses on setting the record straight on some common misconceptions about ancient games, in clueing a chapter by our own @CuseKicks on Senet!

We had a special guest @MuseumnanEilean yesterday for the launch of @scattyscribbler’s book # Barbara Henderson had a chat with us about the book and the chess pieces. Find out more @eSgoil from 2pm today and @WILibraries # #

Stornoway, Scotland

Excited to announce this edition of Board Game Studies, dedicated to correcting common misconceptions. Alex de Voogt on mancala, me on senet, Jacob Schmidt-Madsen on pachisi/chaupar, Ulrich Schädler on Roman games, and @eddieduggan on tafl!

Open Access!
Maastricht, Nederland

The first @SscipChildhood online biannual lecture is taking place on 18th May 2021. The wonderful @LCreightonAvery will be our first speaker of the series. Further details can be found here:…

Detail showing play with cat, The painting was made on a dish called “hydria” used to carry water. The object dates to the V- IV century BCE and is located in the Museo Nazionale Palazzo Jatta, Ruvo di Puglia. Source:…

Two chess pawns, dated 1206-1300, from Persia, made of agate and carnelian

Greenish pieces versus redish pieces. Wonderful.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

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[Maquettes de costumes pour un spectacle non identifié : les #, les #, les # et les #]

Chess originated in India; and it passed thence into China, and next into Persia whence the Arabs took it, and thence to Spain.

📷 guggenheim-arts: Study for “Portrait of Chess Players” by Marcel Duchamp, 1911, Guggenheim Museum Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Gift, Estate of Katherine S. Dreier, 1953 © 2016 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP,...…

Endstation für ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen im Halbfinale der Online-Liga…

Hm, @GoogleDE! Da funktioniert aber der # nicht gut: Alle vier Twitterpositionen mit rechtslastigen Außenseitermeinungen besetzt:

Gustav Mahler's payslip as "Artistischer Director in der VI. Rang Classe" of the K.u.K. Hof-Oper in Vienna. Note the "Wagenpauschale" and the "Dienstloge N° 12". The table ends with the note "Ausgetreten 1907". #

Phillip Ruby @MeepleRiot hat sich das kooperative # (@hig_games/@Asmo_dee) von @PeterRustemeyer angeschaut und seine Eindrücke in Worte gefasst:

"Für Fans der Steinzeit ein absoluter Pflichtkauf!"

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Rezension zu „Paleo“

The Royal Game of Ur from ancient Mesopotamia. Made around 4,500 years ago. Said to be the oldest playable board game in the world. Crafted from wood and shell.

Image: British Museum (120834)

RIP Christa Ludwig. A legend in all our lifetimes, the great German mezzo-soprano died yesterday at the age of 93.

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