Riddles about hnefatafl in Hervarar saga, and notes on reddening hnefatafl counters

Snow in Vellmar-West (Hamburger Str. 25), February 8th, 2021. # # #…

Thic chess piece, most likely a pawn, is dated between 10th-12th c., from the Fatimid dinasty in Egypt. It's made of glass.

Very delicate plant motifs with a simple circular cap on top. White or Black pawn?

The National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution

This piece, dated 12th century, is an example of the representational chess design found in Northern Europe. Made of walrus ivory. Perhaps from Trondheim.

It's a wonderful King whose beard is longer than his sword!

Musée du Louvre

These gaming pieces are most likely chess pawns, from
Egypt or Syria, 13th century, made of glass, marvered and combed thread decoration.

They resemble the fatimid glass artwork found in many other chess pieces. Great texture.

LA County Museum of Art


📷 egypt-museum: Senet Game of King Tutankhamun The senet game board of Tutankhamun rests on a stand with animal-shaped legs attached to sledge runners. The stand and sledge are made of ebony. The top and bottom surfaces of the board are...…

Die seltenen, uralten Barocktüren von Schloss Riede werden saniert…

Für # Juristen: Urteil OLG Karlsruhe vom 27.01.2021 zu # berichtigt Irrtum des LG Berlin AVM./. Cybits: Copyleft-Effekt verursacht keinen Rechtsverlust an # Theme selbst bei #-Verletzung.

Großes niedersächsisches Jugendvergleichsturnier am 08. + 09. Februar mit acht Mannschaften. Die Veranstaltung wird von einem Online-Live-Stream begleitet.



Die @DsolLiga ist eine gute Möglichkeit für die lokale Pressearbeit und eine mögliche Mitgliedergewinnung.

Das Göttinger Tageblatt hat am Donnerstag, d. 4. Februar, eine kurze Notiz über die Teilnahme unserer Teams an der DSOL veröffentlicht. # # # # @goetageblatt…

The "St. Louis" chess set, late 15-17th century. Pieces are French (clear and smoked quartz); board is German. Under squares, silver flowers. Around the board, extra squares with figurines.

An amazing display in craftmanship! Who could play with this though!

Musée du Louvre

A catalog page from Bonhams, featuring medieval Arabic chess pieces as well as Indian sets.

We have been provided with new information regarding the local Jewish businessman, Victor Freed, and his chess career in the Mountain Ash Chess Club!

Take a look at the updated exhibition!…
The Life of Victor Freed

Chess is the best means of getting the better of life.
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In February 1997, around 4.8m. Lego pieces were lost overboard from the Tokio Express container ship in a storm. Of those millions of pieces, there were only 4,200 octopuses lost at sea, and one local beachcomber has found one!…

The Waiting Game (since 2020)
Which chess piece are you? ♟

📷: Lewis Chessmen at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, 2019.
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Ausschreibung eines niedersächsischen Jugendschenllschachmannschaftsturniers am 8. und 9. Februar 2021 auf Lichess durch Torben Knüdel (PSV Uelzen). # # # # # # #…

This chess set, 18th century, belonged in the family of Benjamin Franklin, probably owned by him. Made of fruit wood.

Knights are very peculiar, maintaining the same pattern as the bishops.

American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Photo: Peter Harholdt


Ich bin kein Jurist. Aber im Gesetzentwurf der Bundesregierung steht doch jetzt quasi drin, dass nach Inkrafttreten der DSM-Richtlinie ganz viele Abbildungen gemeinfreier Werke auch rückwirkend # werden, oder?
Ausschnitt aus FAQ…

Ausschnitt aus FAQ zur DSM-Richtlinie

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Chess players on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow (1950s)

The Bauhaus Chess Set Where the Form of the Pieces Artfully Show Their Function (1922)…

Ladies Playing Chess. Attributed to Har Jaimal. India, Himachal Pradesh, Nurpur, circa 1760.

Opaque watercolor on paper

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Born in Amsterdam, Max Euwe was a brilliant math teacher besides being a chess player. He was the only world champion who was not a professional athlete.

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The CFR Chess Museum's Collection enlarges with David Bronstein's medals…

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ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen spielt mit drei Schach-Teams in der Online-Liga…

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Dementi! "Geteilter Zweiter" war die Sprachregelung. Wen interessiert schon die Wertung?

Immerhin 2:2 gegen das Schachgymnasium Altensteig, einziges Gymnasium mit Schach als Schulfach. Leider dann gegen Hamburg verloren, sonst hätten wir das Ding nach Bielefeld geholt.

Two girls playing knucklebones. The bones (astralagi) were sheep anklebones. An ancient game known in many cultures. # #

We have a brilliant talk from @ada_nifosi about the history of knucklebones coming up next week (Wednesday 10th Feb) at 16:00 GMT. Register here for FREE:…

@katsojana We hear you, Laura, and can definitely commiserate. That sounds like a Lewis chess set Queen piece sort of mood to us. Sending longships full of hugs your way

A Fabergé chess Rook, made of gold and enamel. St. Petersburg, 1899-1903

As seen in Sotheby's


Three gaming pieces, dated 10th-11th century, ivory and wood, from Egypt or Syria.

The two chess pieces look like a pawn and a Knight.

As seen in Sotheby's

True religion and rational sport must ever go hand in hand.

Und ich habe geantwortet 😉

Winter sport in the USSR (1964)


“The # players” By Thomas Eakins - This file was donated to Wikimedia Commons as part of a project by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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