Millionen Menschen verzweifelten am Zauberwürfel, andere schafften es in wenigen Sekunden. Doch wie konnte die Erfindung des ungarischen Designers Ernö Rubik vor 40 Jahren zum Welterfolg werden?…

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Conversations & Cocktails: Breaking Boundaries 2021 Series – Drs. Kelli Wood & Sean Roberts explore early playing cards, cultures of gambling & technological innovation…

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This week's new arrival. Thanks you Adrian Seville. It's always delightful to read game collectors' books.

Sometimes they "overran" too apparently


"In 1927, in his pre-Hollywood phase, Alfred Hitchcock directed 'The Lodger,' starring Ivor Novello in the title role. It had a substantial chess scene with, secondarily, substantial fodder for boardistas, boardites and boardomaniacs."

The apparatus is cheap; a good board and a nice set of men may be obtained for a mere trifle, and will last a lifetime.

I have released version 1.1.2 of my # Plugin WP Tournament Registration. There are only small changes in the documentation and it is tested with thenew WordPress release 5.7 now. # #…

Chessman dated late 12th century, sandstone. Found in Kyiv, Podil.

A very interesting piece, much in the tradition of Northern Europe representational style. It's most likely a Rook (similar to the Isle of Lewis ones).

Photo: Natalia Khamaiko

"Chess and British Royalty" by Edward Winter.

Working from home has advantages; although I'm on the fence about hangouts, it can be both a curse and a blessing.
The Lewis Chessman Queen has had enough of them, I think.…

The establishment of a Ladies’ Chess Club is one of the most pleasing evidences of the progress this fine intellectual discipline is making in society. #… Am Samstag spielen wir gegen die Schachjugend aus Hannover!😇 @NSVschach @nsjonline @96Schach

If you were a budding chess player in medieval Europe, you might have studied this book of chess problems, known as Bonus Socius (Latin for “good companion”).

It features 204 problems that each include a diagram and explanation of a set of moves that lead to the end of the game.

Chess is one of the world's oldest and most popular games. It's often depicted in art as the ultimate intellectual showdown.

Here are three stories about chess from art history:

Duchamp grew up playing chess with his siblings, and he played in high-profile chess tournaments around the world.

In this photograph, Duchamp is playing chess with French journalist Raoul de Roussy de Sales.

Zum Abschluss der Spielwoche läuft Freitags ab 19:00 über Twitch eine # Show. Dort kommentiert Grossmeister Sebastian Siebrecht live die Partien laufender Mannschaftskämpfe. # #…

Am 5. Spieltag der DSOL, am Donnerstag, d. 4. März, war die Erste bei der TSG Taucha zu Gast. Die TSG ist wie der ESV ein Mehrspartenverein in direkter Nachbarschaft zu Leipzig. # # # #…

The 'Royal Game of Ur', with gaming pieces and tetrahedrons. This fabulous Sumerian board game, was beautifully crafted, c. 4,500 years ago in southern Mesopotamia, with inlaid shell plaques, red limestone and lapis lazuli. It has space to store the pieces…

For #, here’s a little # die. It’s beautifully preserved because it’s made of stone rather than the more commonly seen animal bone. The numbers are represented by engraved loops.

Wow! 12.000 Digitalisate unter cc by-sa inkl. API und interoperable Metadaten.

Eindrucksvoller Grabstein für Tarrasch, aber Unfug im Artikel, als es um Lasker geht: "...ein Praktiker durch und durch. Die fortschreitende Eröffnungstheorie war ihm völlig egal. Je schlechter er stand, desto besser spielte Lasker."…


Am 5. Spieltag der DSOL bekam es die 3. Mannschaft mit dem SV Lauf II zu tun. Und diesen Lauf galt es zu stoppen. Der Abend fing sehr gut an, als Christoph am Spitzenbrett das Albin-Gegengambit seines Gegners gekonnt zerlegte # # #…

ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen zu Gast bei @SebastianSiebr5 in der @DsolLiga-Show. Hartwig Hake, @Ingram_Braun und Michael Niggl haben den Verein vorstellen können.

ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen zu Gast bei GM Siebrecht

The "Selenus" chess set was very popular in Germany from the 18th century onwards. Very stylish design, inspired in the geometry of plants and flowers.

Left. Template from c. 1840 at the Germanisches National Museum

Right. Actual set at the Metropolitan Art Museum, 18th c.

V1.1.16 of the Ludii general game system is online! Among other additions, newly featuring the traditional game Mini Wars! Evidence suggests that it was first designed in 2021 CE by @matthew_stephe. Playing it rapidly became a popular pastime for Homo sapiens worldwide!

Heute in der DSOL-Show: ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen zu Gast. Bereits ab 19 Uhr sollte eingeschaltet werden. @DsolLiga

DSOL-Show: ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen zu Gast

A game of patolli, played by the Aztecs, the loser could be enslaved or even killed by the winner. Depicted in the "Libro de dioses y ritos," by Diego Durán, 16th century.

In der 5. Runde der # 2021 war TuS # I zu „Gast“ bei uns. Für die Geographie-Freunde hier: 28816 Varrel liegt ca. 10 km westlich von Bremen. # #…

"The Novel and Elegant Game of the Basket of Fruit or Moral and Intellectual Dessert"

London 1822

Victoria and Albert Museum

These Victorian board games are incredible!

SchachdeutschlandTV & # : Vorgestellt werden am morgigen Freitag der ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen und der SV Unna 1924.

Euch erwarten Live-Partieanalysen, spannende Vereine und eine Menge Anekdoten von GM Sebastian Siebrecht.

Einschalten lohnt sich!…

@AlisonTrollop I haven't been to a lot of libraries, but the main Cleveland (Ohio) Public Library in the downtown area is my favorite. What makes it special is it has the Chess Museum with games, pieces, and the games history.

A Roman Ludus latrunculorum board with counters, die and shaker from Corbridge and other sites, England. Dated circa 2nd-3rd century AD. Stone, pottery, bone.

English Heritage / The Trustees of the Corbridge Excavation Fund

Das @hnfpb über den # Cray (ab 1975). Hier nicht erwähnt: Auf einem Cray 1 entwickelte Robert Hyatt das #­programm Cray Blitz, mit dem er zweimal Weltmeister wurde. ……
# # # #
Der erste Supercomputer: Cray-1

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1526/30–1569)

"Children’s Games," 1560

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Fascinating! I believe I have played as a child many, probably most, of these popular games, 400+ years after this picture was made!

Über unser Auftreten in der DSOL wird weiterhin in den lokalen Medien berichtet: Am 01. 03. im Sportbuzzer und am folgenden Tag in der Printausgabe (nur für Mitglieder).

Unser Bericht über den vierten Spieltag ist sogar auf Chessbase komplett #…


DSOL-Show: ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen zu Gast. Bereits ab 19 Uhr sollte eingeschaltet werden. @DsolLiga

DSOL-Show: ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen zu Gast

When he arrived in the Netherlands in March 1935 for talks with Max Euwe about their forthcoming world championship, Alexander Alekhine addressed the Dutch fans in German in this brief but valuable clip.

@LancasterMuseum @DockMuseum @MerseyMaritime @BlackburnMuseum @LMuseums @KendalMuseum To get the ball rolling here... a game of Living Chess at Lee Place, #, c1920. In # this is a professional sport and often results in fist fights between the teams.

# #

Black and white landscape photograph. Two rows of costumed people, the front row seated on the ground, in a garden with trees and a decorative structure behind.

Amazing photograph. Have you noticed this detail?

19th century daguerrotype showing a game of chess, by Honore Guiroard.

An interesting composition!

Museo Universidad de Navarra

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