Meet the Forgotten Female Artist Behind the World’s Most Popular Tarot Deck (1909)…

The Chess Game (1555), Sofonisba Anguissola. National Museum, Poznan.

This chess piece is a Knight, dated circa 9th century made of aquamarine from Egypt, Persia or Iraq.

An amazing piece; I've never seen an aquamarine one, with nice decorative motifs all around. Wonderful!

As seen in Sotheby's

Zum Entdecken! Das einzigartige Schweizer # in Rain bei Sempach präsentiert über 400 Schachbretter und Figuren aus aller Welt! Als "Zugabe": Schachcomputer, Uhren, Briefmarken und 10'000 Schachbücher in 20 Sprachen!


Was hat dem gemeinen deutschen Schachspieler noch zu seinem Glück gefehlt? Richtig! # als # für sexuellen #. Danke, @katholisch_de! Besser allerdings der schwarze König, wegen der sozialen Position und des Kreuzes auf dem Kopf der Stauntonform. #

Nicolaas Henneman. Glicée. 1841.
Perhaps the first chess photograph


Spanish-suited deck with 48 cards made in # in 1584, found in an old book-binding and now preserved in the Biblioteca Nacional de España.,-……
# # # #

Efim Bogoljubow, pictured during a visit to the 'chess village', Schachdorf-Ströbeck, Germany. 1933.
(Photos: Ullstein bild.) #


♟🎬 La Conférence pour le centenaire de la Fédération Française des # est disponible en vidéo à la demande sur la chaîne Youtube de la FFE :
Plus de 8 heures d'#, en vidéo, pour un passionnant voyage échiquéen dans le temps !

If you are into # or #, check out this animated movie! Although there are some inaccuracies in detail, it is really wonderful. #
Are you curious about the origins of chess? Check out this animated Ted-Ed for Alex Gendler's "A Brief History of Chess." # #

TED: A brief history of chess (Alex Gendler)

For # fans, I suggest you to check the video, with a table of links pointing to the topics, most of them in # and #, and one in #! Due to the pandemic consequences, the conference had to be held online, so it was a rare opportunity to participate

This chess piece is a pawn, dated 12-14th century, from East Mediteranean lands, made of glass.

A colorful example of medieval Islamic chess pieces

Muza Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

Actress Carroll Baker portrayed in 1956 by Peter Stackpole for LIFE magazine.

Der SK # wird 100 Jahre alt:… # # # #
Der Schachklub wird 100

1st-3rd cent. Roman dice container. It was painted, but has since developed a green patina.

Pandoc is a command line tool for converting from one markup to another. Is it applicable for biblatex-archaeology users? # # # # # # # # #…

Nach dem sechsten Spieltag haben alle drei Mannschaften gute Chancen auf einen der ersten beiden Plätze und damit auf die Playoff-Kämpfe in ihrer Liga. # # # # # #…

#: meine Wenigkeit auf der Startseite des @Schachbund (rechts neben @SebastianSiebr5). Gegen die Herren links habe ich ein positives Resultat im Turnierschach (Donchenko 1, Kollars ½). Als die Partien gespielt wurden, waren sie allerdings noch etwas jünger. #

Mit Weiß Kai Renner vom @HamelnerSV.

The London Chess Club is the oldest British club in existence and has had its headquarters at the George and Vulture Hotel, Cornhill since 1807.


Am Freitag, dem 19. März geht es dieses Mal ab 19:00 Uhr um die Bundesligisten und größten Vereine der Liga.…

Das alles wie immer gewürzt mit spannenden Partien, Kommentaren und Anekdoten!
# @SchachfrBerlin


"Chess problem", by Fyodor Reshetnikov (1906-1988). This painting is part of the Art Russe collection.…

A stereocard of no less than Paul Morphy vs. M Löwenthal, president of the St. James Chess Club!

Late 19th c., England.

Chess history in 3D!

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts collection

In the Song Dynasty, after being varied and improved, Chinese chess became one of the most popular entertainments. Now you would feel very intrigued to witness this treasure in # History Museum and can’t help but imagine how the ancients enjoyed their leisure time.

Mirror case of ivory, showing a game of #,
Made in # about 1300

(Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

This chess piece is a Rook, dated 9th–12th century, from Nishapur, Iran. Made of ivory, carved & painted.

Splendid piece! I love the vertical grooves, adding texture and making the surface more "touchable". Quintessential abstract medieval Rook!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Der uns aus Ligakämpfen gegen Mannschaften des Bezirks # bestens bekannte Sven Hagemann hat einen neuen Verein namens KSV Rochade Braunschweig gegründet, hauptsächlich, um dort Jugendtraining zu geben. # # #…

This chess piece dated c. 1200 was found in 2018 in Tønsberg by the Norwegian Institute of Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU).

The abstract design is typical of arabic pieces, with geometric motifs and concentric rings. It's a Knight.

Photo: Lars Haugesten

Weiterhin berichtet das GT über unsere DSOL Aktivitäten: am 9. März sowohl in der Printausgabe als auch wieder im Sportbuzzer .

Über unser Auftreten in der DSOL wird weiterhin in den lokalen Medien berichtet: Am 01. 03. # #…

The cast playing poker on the set of 'The Magnificent Seven'


The game Senet was the most popular of board games. A representation of Senet was found in a painting in the tomb of Hesy ca.2686 BC. But the oldest hieroglyph depicting the Senet dates to around 3100 BC. Its Egyptian name meant the “game of passing”.


Hnefatafl or tafl was an ancient Viking board game that became very popular in medieval Scandinavia. The board game was played by the Vikings as early as 400 A.D. Hnefatafl was a war strategy game. # #
Hnefatafl: Ancient Viking Board Game “King’s Table” Popular In Medieval Scandinavia

Ancient Pages: Hnefatafl: Ancient Viking Board Game "King's Table" Popular In Medieval Scandinavia | Ancient Pages

This is a chess piece, most likely a pawn, late 14th-early 16th c.) from Iran, made of ivory.

Whereas by the 14th c., European chess pieces were mostly representational, the muslim world kept the same asbtract design as in the 7th century.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

@merFatihParlak1 You probably know these images (Jacob van der Heyden, and a variant). Can you tell me if you or someone else has published something about them?
The game seems to be Höllfahren - I'd be interested in other pictorial references or surviving gameboards.

Stater with Wrestlers and a Slinger from Aspendos, Pamphylia, C. 380/75-330/25 BC Obverse: Two wrestlers beginning to grapple with each other; between them, ΔΡ. Reverse: ΕΣΤFΕΔΙΙΥΣ, Slinger striding right, preparing to launch sling-bolt; to right, triskeles to left.


@ChessExplained @SchachNotizen @Bodenseeperlen Der Brand betrifft auch den #­dienst @Beepworld. Dort habt eine ganze Reihe deutscher #­vereine ihre Webseiten gehostet:…
Und es ist zu befürchten, daß, wer solche simplen Websitebuilder benutzt, sich auch nicht um eigene Backups kümmern mag.
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