Rustam Kasimdzhanov gilt als einer der besten Schachtrainer der Welt. Seinen Ruf will der Großmeister verteidigen, indem er Fabiano Caruana erneut zur WM gegen Magnus Carlsen führt. Im @derspiegel-Interview verrät er, wie das gelingen soll.…

@jdmccafferty "Fil" comes from # "pil" meaning #~'Alfil' # for elephant becomes 'El alfil' # for #.
In # the piece is the Fou or Fool (from felé~cracked skull)
📸Bishop Lewis Chessman Chess statue👇…


Chess Piece
1150–1200, # (Met Museum)
The Bishop was introduced to the European chessboard in the 12th century, replacing the elephant of Islamic tradition. This is a wonderful object.

I love this # leather mouse which was found at # last year - excavators at the site have suggested it might have been a child's toy (which would be a rare find for the site), or could have been used to play practical jokes #

Photo: Vindolanda Trust


The Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower is a Roman artifact, a dice tower used in the playing of dice games, discovered in 1985 in Germany. The longer text commemorates a military defeat of the Picts. The shorter wishes good luck. It lives in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum of Bonn.

Sydney, New South Wales

Chess first brought them together, and a congenial bent of mind, with sympathetic tastes, soon ripened the casual acquaintance into warm friendship.

I found these great bone chess pieces, c. 8-10th century at the Vatican Museum collection. They don't show much information, but they are definitely of geometric Arabic design, and they seem to be part of the same set.

Chess treasures everywhere!

Found this gorgeous chess Rook at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford; doesn't have much info: " 7th - 9th century. Eastern art"

I love those grooves!

1972: Der Erfinder von UNO, ein Friseur aus Ohio, verkauft die Rechte an einen Bestattungsunternehmer u einen Bankangestellten. Der benutzt bei Verkaufsgesprächen am Telefon drei verschiedene Stimmen, um eine größere Firma vorzugaukeln. Bis heute verkaufte Exemplare: ca. 150 Mio

Chess is not a standard for measuring a man's ability, nor a panacea for human ills, nor a subject for daily toil and nightly meditation.

Hier etwas Senf zum Thema Cheater beim Onlineschach:…
Über das Erkennen von Cheatern beim Onlineschach…

Husten – wir haben ein Problem! Die # erklärt, wie # funktionieren: Vorhang auf für Dr. # und #! Ab heute dürfen Bayerns #*innen nur am # teilnehmen, wenn sie einen negativen # vorweisen können.

The famous chess set from Nishapur, made of glazed earthenware, c. 12th century.

Pawns are octogonal!

The Metropolitan Musem of Art

These chess pieces are precisely dated 1008-1010, made of wood from the Paladru Lake, Isère, France. There was a settlement on the shore of the lake that was flooded and abandoned.

Among the remains, these humble pieces are a tresor.

On 28 May 2019, Douglas Griffin (@dgriffinchess) published a photo that shows Max Blümich and Alexander Alekhine at the 1941/1942 Krakow/Warsaw tournament.

How did the game go, who won, who was Max Blümich, and who else is in the photo? # #…

Roman ivory die, ca. 1st–3rd century CE.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This chess piece is a pawn, date: 9th–14th century from Islamic Lands, made of Jet.

An hexagonal pawn!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Lewis chessmen were first put on display for the public on this day in 1831. Two years ago, a lost piece initially bought for £5 sold for £735,000 at auction.

A small toy ball (or possibly rattle) from #-period Egypt. It is made from small pieces of linen, bound with strips of reed coloured in reds & greens, & with small stone chips inside. A toy-type with a long history! #

Photo: British Museum

Die Sache mit der Suche: Mit # haben die knapp 500 wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken aus der Schweiz eine zentrale Suchmaschine bekommen. Zu Hintergründen und Umsetzung des komplexen Projekts empfehlen wir einen Text aus der @Wochenzeitung WOZ:

Chess is the best means of getting the better of life.
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This chess piece is a rook, dated c. 12th century, made of bone, from France.

An outstanding example of medieval abstract work, it features the typical circular motifs.

Musée Dauphinois collection

This chess set is from the second half of the 19th century, made of bone and wood, in Russia. Boats are Rooks; Elephants are Bishops. In Russian, the bishop is still called elephant слон (pronounced "slon").

The State Hermitage Museum collection

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