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A toy ball from #Roman-period Egypt, made of linen strengthened with strips of reed painted red & green; it also has stone chips inside that make it rattle when shaken. Amazing to think of someone playing with this toy 1500+ years ago! (📷 BM) #Archaeology #RomanArchaeology


Three (toy) balls, found in #Egypt & dating to the #Roman period. They were hollow, made of linen & reed, painted in red & green, & had stone chips inside, so they rattled when shaken. These ones might be ancient, but you'd find balls nearly identical in a toyshop today! (📷 BM)


This rag-doll looks kind of creepy these days, but it was certainly loved by a child in the past. The doll from the #Roman period in #Egypt is made of linen and stuffed with rags and papyrus. A blue glass bead attached to the head's left side suggests a hair ornament. 1/3