Since it was such a hit for #FindsFriday last week,we're sharing the jet chess piece again. This time in 3D! The texture hasn't come out as well as we would have liked because it is so shiny, but you can really see all the decoration!

Link here 👉…

For #FindsFriday my favourite thing in @SalisburyMuseum a 12C medieval chess piece of a king carved from walrus ivory, found in the old drainage channels running through the town in 1846.


I’m a bit late to #FindsFriday today and can’t find anything much I can post from this week, so here’s two fragments of a #Roman marble ludus latrunculorum board, dating from c. 300 AD, and found at Richborough, Kent.


# A blast from my past - excavating an elaborate Roman cremation burial from the Heybridge Roman small town, #, in 1994.

A child burial, ashes were interred in an urn & buried in a wooden box with a samian bowl & cup, flagon, glass bottle & 14 gaming counters.


Here we have some bone and bronze dice, and gaming counters of bone, pottery and glass. They were all found at the fortress baths in @RomanCaerleon # # # # # # #…





For this #, we have a bone gaming die dating to around the 13th century. Medieval dice such as this one, were often made as trick dice, to roll preferentially on particular numbers.

# # # # #


These gorgeous tiny glass gaming counters from a group of 24 (6 white, 6 green, 6 yellow, 6 red) were found in a Late Iron Age grave at Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire in 1965 😍

Sadly the rules of the game are now lost

© Trustees of the British Museum #

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