A #Roman rock crystal die, on which the dots were originally inlaid with gold leaf (no all of it survives, although the dots can still be seen), & with a wreath around the one. It was found in a grave in Nijmegen (Netherlands), & is likely around 1900 years old #RomanArchaeology



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Children loved to play with toys in #Roman times too: some 1,800 years ago a child in Cologne was buried with a terracotta #horse with rider on wheels. It was certainly a much-loved #toy which the child was also supposed to play with in the afterlife. 1/2



Board games increase in popularity in times of Covid19. So, for today's #ReliefWednesday a representation on a votive altar, depicting two men playing a board game. The altar was dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, the Genius loci and all male and female deities. 1/2




Here we have some bone and bronze dice, and gaming counters of bone, pottery and glass. They were all found at the fortress baths in @RomanCaerleon # # # # # # #…





A wooden toy horse on wheels, from # Egypt. It is somewhere between 1700 & 2000 years old but looks like something you could find in a toybox today - a perfect illustration of the timeless nature of some children's toys! (📷 Grand Rapids Public Museum) #


Children loved to play with toys in # times too: a terracotta # with rider on wheels, found in Cologne, dating 1st/2nd century AD.

Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln



They came, they saw, they cheated: Man finds 2,000-year-old loaded dice in # field that # used to cheat with when gambling. # # # #

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