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On this day 35 years ago, @thetimes published an article by Boris Johnson about an archaeological discovery in SE1. Unfortunately the claims he attributed to his godfather Colin Lucas were fabricated, so Johnson was sacked from the paper.


The bronze sculptures of Confucius and Einstein playing chess at UTAR's Kampar Campus, Malaysia is a symbol of merging eastern and western wisdom, importance of cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

#chess #chessart


Da hat sich jemand viel Mühe gegeben, aus #Mahagoni einen Schachtisch zu bauen und wollte ihn von uns (ESV #Göttingen #Schach) bewerten lassen, nachdem er keine Verwendung mehr dafür hat. Meine Antwort wird ihn nicht befriedigt haben. (Ein Bild hatte ich nicht) #ChessArt

Das #Museum Quintana in #Künzing veranstaltet am Internationalen Museumstag am 21. Mai 2023 einen Aktionstag „#Brettspiel­abenteuer im Museum“.… Leider ist dabei ein Versehen unterlaufen, denn die römische Rundmühle existiert nicht:…

Guten Morgen, ihr Lieben!
Ludwig Knaus (1829–1910) 🎨 🇩🇪
Spaziergang in den Tuileriengärten, 1855 🖼️
Louvre, Paris 🏛️
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Kindermädchen geht mit ihrem Schützling, einem kleinen Mädchen im weißen Kleid und einen kleinen bediensteten farbigen Jungen in Gehrock und Zylinder in den Tulieren spazieren. In der Hand hält sie den Spielreif und Treibstock des Kindes.

Joe Dassin tests an "Atkin Chess" chess computer at the Palais des Congrès in Paris in 1979. Photo by Michel Clément.


Malmo, Sweden

Reminder: all WW2 memorials in Russia bear only the years 1941–1945. The first two years of WW2 do not exist. The Soviets were busy attacking Poland, the Baltics and Finland and making friends with the Nazis when they divided Poland between them.


5️⃣0⃣ Years of International Dortmund #Chess Days

A look back at the history Part 2: The 1980s…

Picture: Oleg Romanishin vs Eric Lobron, Dortmund 1982


Bij de Nationale Sportherdenking bij het @olympisch staat dit jaar de schaaksport centraal. Voor veel mensen in gevangenschap was schaken een manier om te overleven. We werkten samen met het Max Euwe Centrum aan het programma.… #4mei #herdenking #knsb150


Other similar balls have been found too, so this may have been a popular toy in Roman Egypt (& probably before) - I suppose it is no surprise that children through the ages are drawn to the same sorts of toys, but it is good to see archaeological evidence of this! (📷 BM)


@DrJEBall Greece 4th century bc


A toy ball from #Roman-period Egypt, made of linen strengthened with strips of reed painted red & green; it also has stone chips inside that make it rattle when shaken. Amazing to think of someone playing with this toy 1500+ years ago! (📷 BM) #Archaeology #RomanArchaeology


Medieval gaming piece unearthed in UK excavations: Tablemen were used to play numerous board games. The recently discovered one thought to be from the medieval period. JPost


92 walrus ivory game pieces were found in Lewis Chessmen hoard. Not all are figures: pawns & tablemen a bit bland


When found, the hoard contained 93 artifacts: 78 chess pieces, 14 tablemen and one belt buckle. Today, 82 pieces are owned and usually exhibited by the British Museum in London, and the remaining 11 are at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.


Hidden away in a tray of 19th-century toys and games I spotted these medieval tablemen/playing pieces from Forfar, Kirkwall and Lour. I am photographing objects like these to be made available online shortly on the @NtlMuseumsScot catalogue



'On Tuesday March 5th, 1968 John Cage & Marcel Duchamp performed "Reunion" at the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto.
Duchamp won the first chess match almost immediately, so a second game lasting over 4 hours, was played between Cage and Duchamp's wife, Teeny'…


Marcel Duchamp and Raoul de Roussy de Sales Playing Chess, 1925
Man Ray •
#blackandwhite #photography


Marcel Duchamp–who died #OTD 1968–pretended to abandon art & devote the rest of his life to chess, though secretly continued to make work. "I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists."



#ChessAutomaton1769 2/n
"Lettres sur un automate qui joue aux échecs" [1772] by Louis Dutens
E-Book by @amandine_bizet and Nadine Lobo
#chess #automaton #ChessTurk #WolfgangVonKempelen #LouisDutens
Edition 1772:…
E-Book and pic:…


#ChessInVisualArts 64/n
Two kings play chess
in: Roman du Roy Meliadus de Leonnoys
Naples, Italy
circa 1352
British Library, London; Add. 12228, f.23
#chess #VisualArts #IllustratedManuscript


Nach ihrem heftigen Einbruch beim DSB Rising Stars-Turnier spielt Fiona bei dem stark besetzten Turnier in Sitges, eine Stadt etwa der Größe Northeims südlich von Barcelona, wieder in besserer Form. Nach fünf von zehn Runden hat sie dreieinhalb Punkte…

Twitter hat die #Reichweitenmessung erneuert. Das sieht zwar jetzt aufgeräumter aus, aber einige Kategorien wie Detailvergrößerungen sowie Klicks auf Hashtags und Mediendateien sind offenbar weggefallen.

Lesenwertes Interview mit dem Bürgermeister von #Erbach im #Odenwald, der von #QuerdenkerSindTerroristen bedroht wird.

Er pochte auf Einhaltung der Corona-Regeln und wurde von "Querdenkern" bedroht: Im Interview spricht Erbachs Bürgermeister Traub über die Angst um seine Familie, die Gefahr durch radikale Impfgegner und die Pflicht der Zivilgesellschaft.…

This Ancient Egyptian game of ‘Hounds and Jackals’ is almost 4,000 years old! It was discovered in 1910 by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in the tomb of an official named Reniseneb at Thebes. It is made of ebony and ivory and dated c. 1814–1805 BCE. 📷 The Met NY.



Opening right now: exhibition on #rattles of collector Heinz Keijser in Jewish Museum Amsterdam @jckamsterdam & presentation of beautiful book w/my essay on 4000-year history of rattles. I know it's niche, but there are hundreds of 'm & they are stunning. Exh until June 6, 2022!






Caissa wünscht frohe Weihnachten!

Preisausschreiben der Schachzeitschrift aus dem Jahr 1948 mit Fragen zu einer Spanisch-Partie zwischen… und…


“Chess teaches you to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good and it trains you to think objectively when you’re in trouble.” - Stanley Kubrick


Three (toy) balls, found in #Egypt & dating to the #Roman period. They were hollow, made of linen & reed, painted in red & green, & had stone chips inside, so they rattled when shaken. These ones might be ancient, but you'd find balls nearly identical in a toyshop today! (📷 BM)


Ancient Egyptian wooden cat-shaped toy with moving jaws, bronze teeth and eyes made of inlaid rock crystal. The jaw can be moved by pulling the string. Found in Thebes, Egypt. New Kingdom, ca. 1350 BCE. The British Museum, 1885,0618.11.…


Isn't this beautiful? It’s the weekend and here’s a multifaceted #medieval #ivory die just aching to be let out to play in one of the >600 dice #games known from the period. MT @museecluny. #iwantonetoo


This chess set is from the 2nd half of the 19th century, made of bone and wood, in Russia. Boats are Rooks; Elephants are Bishops. In Russian, the bishop is still called elephant слон (pronounced "slon"); in Spanish "alfil" literally "the elephant".

The State Hermitage Museum


How wonderful is this. A Medieval carved walrus, word in Norwegian ‘hvalross’, from a walrus tusk, photos via Nidark, Norway.
Dated to: 1225-1275.
Foto: Åge Hojem /N28915/Nidark
#archaeology #animals



Chess players from the Willehalm Codex by Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1334


#ChessInVisualArts 59/n
Illustration from Jacobus de Cessolis' 'Schachzabelbuch'
Southern Germany
c. 1390-1400
Research Library of the University of Erfurt, Gotha; Cod. Chart. B 155, f. 69r
#chess #VisualArts #IlluminatedManuscript #JacobusDeCessolis #Schachzabelbuch


The far side...


#ChessInVisualArts 58/n
Johann Erdmann Hummel
Chess Game
Oil on canvas
Old National Gallery, Berlin
#chess #VisualArts #painting #JohannErdmannHummel #Hummel1818


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