Erwartungsgemäß ist das Interesse an der Deutschen #Schach-Online-Liga #DSOL nach dem Ende fast aller Coronamaßnahmen stark gesunken. Mit 145 Mannschaften ist es aber eine solide Beteiligung, die es rechtfertigt, den Wettbewerb zu … #Göttingen…
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Der ausgezeichnete Professor @jaegerthomas2 zerlegt in knapp einer Minute dieses niederträchtige #Manifest und die dafür Verantwortlichen.
Must Watch 👍 #Servicetweet

#Wagenknecht #Schwarzer #Varwick

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Eskalation, Eskalationsspirale und Eskalationsdominanz sind Begriffe, die immer wieder zur Bewertung des Kriegs Russlands gegen die Ukraine benutzt werden. Ich habe die Entwicklung zum Krieg und im Krieg aus diesem Blickwinkel beschrieben.

Jorun Ruppel, Cornelia Ripplinger, and Alexander Zawacki are in the Forum Wissen employing digital microscopy on a damaged plaster bust of the water nymph Clytie so that it can be better studied and conserved ^AZ


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We were all pretty pleased with our discovery day. We also learnt to play Hnefatafl- a Viking game which is a little like chess.

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A chess art exhibition at the Rietveld Pavillon in Amersfoort is the next stop on the @schaakbond 150th anniversary tour.

Übermorgen (15.02.) beschließen wir unsere Veranstaltungsreihe "#Sport als #Kulturerbe" mit dem #SpielderKönige. Herbert Bastian wird uns mitnehmen auf eine Reise durch zweitausend Jahre #Schach #Geschichte .
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1984 im Jagdhaus Monrepos, noch vor der Gründung des archäologischen Forschungszentrums. #Palaeolithic


Am letzten Sonntag, 5.2.2023, gab es ein Auswärtsspiel für die 2. Mannschaft des ESV #Göttingen in #Bovenden! Es wurde ein spannender Mannschaftskampf gegen eine leicht ersatzgeschwächte Mannschaft, die als Absteiger der #Verbandsliga, … #Schach…

Als #Mem für #KI taugt #Schach immer noch. Als Testmittel hingegen dürfte seine Bedeutung dort mittlerweile eher gering sein.
#Informatik #KünstlicheIntelligenz #AI #Computerschach

A simple guide to the expansive world of artificial intelligence - Popular Science

Read more here:

#ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #Python #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #IoT

Old and young, we are all on our last voyage.


It’s official. Academic researchers have started getting notices that their access to the API will be shut off. 1/


More information about the glass gaming pieces:…

The rules of the game are unknown. It’s suggested it may have been a four-player game similar to ludo. Read more:…

From the British Iron Age, some 2000 years ago, a unique set of 24 glass gaming pieces with spiral motif. Discovered in the richly-furnished grave of an important man, during gas works in Welwyn Garden City in 1965. British Museum. 📷 my own.


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what makes them gaming pieces and just not something simply decorative?

Bad Salzdetfurth 5. 2. 2023; Bad Salzdetfuth 1 – ESV Rot-Weiß #Göttingen 1 (📷 Ingram Braun)

Am fünften Spieltag der Verbandsliga Ost musste die Erste nach #BadSalzdetfurth fahren. 10 vor Acht ging's für den Fahrer los …

#VerbandsligaOst #Schach…
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Backgammon set created using real preserved flowers and ferns. [by Redditor u/nukulele145]


Senet was a game for two players. The ancient Egyptian rules have not survived, however various educated guesses have been made as to how it was played, with the aim of the game to get from one end of the board to the other. See this link for more info:…

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Here’s a closer look at the small ivory ‘travel-sized’ set.


Unfortunately the developer gives no clues about his sources. I have seen playable versions of very old games multiple times in museum brochures and the like which were pure fantasy and not source-based. I assume it's the same here. And I think it is very debatable if this is the right way to communicate with layman.
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I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me. Wikipedia has a Senet page and says the rules are only conjecture and probably changed over time.

Ancient Egyptian ‘Senet’ is one of the world’s earliest known board games, dating to around 3100 BC. Tutankhamun must have enjoyed a game of senet as four gameboards were found in his tomb, including these two sets, c. 1336-1327 BC. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 📷 my own



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History Fact: The Origins of Chess

The popular game of chess dates back to nearly 1500 years when its earliest-known predecessor was called Chaturanga in India. The early forms of the game originated in India as Chaturanga – a four-player war game that included...

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Chess Piece, Pawn or Backgammon Piece. probably 17th–18th century.
Credit line: Pfeiffer Fund, 1972…
#museum #history #art #culture

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very cool how the pawns of chess have changed I really like the craftsmanship.

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Hermann Hesse playing chess with his third wife, Ninon.

Munich, Germany

This is practically the end of my Twitter channel.

Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead 🧵

Das Idol meiner Jugend!

Robert Hübner: "Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing."

We're just doing the final setup for the #guildhallgamesfest this morning, hope to see some of you, and make a lot of new friends!

A large nine men's Morris board sits on the floor near handling tables covered in artefacts and an archery setup in front of a large banner of the wreck of the Mary rose

Das Vereinsturnier hat 2023 mit 50 Teilnehmern erfreulicherweise wieder eine Rekordbeteiligung zu verzeichnen. Auch von der Spielstärke her ist es mit acht Spielern über 1900 gut besetzt. #Göttingen #Schach…

Another exceptional find at @ALMkonstanz: a medieval trictrac board, made of beech and maple. Trictrac is a French board game similar to backgammon. The board was found in a latrine of a monastery in Freiburg. Although game playing was forbidden in monasteries, finds...1/2


Liebe Schachfreunde,

nach (fast) „Partieloser Coronazeit“ endlich wieder ernsthafte Turnierpartien.

In der B-Gruppe der DSAM am Freitag als Rang-Nr 43 von 51 gestartet, hatte ich gute und weniger gute Phasen.…

Medieval Ivory Knight Chess Piece, c. 1250, from Britain.

Metropolitan Museum of Art.

#MedievalMonday #MedievalArt


@AlisonFisk A lovely excuse to remember a detour to Uig a few years ago. Don't think anyone knows *precisely* where they were found, but thought to be in the dunes somewhere around here. Stunning location, even on a grey day.


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The Lewis Chessmen for #MedievalMonday. Characterful chess pieces with wonderfully expressive eyes, from a large gaming hoard discovered on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, in 1831. Carved from walrus ivory c. 1150-1200. 📷 my own.


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This is wrong. There is a #chess variant for four players mentioned in #medieval #Indian sources but it is not the original design. Chess has ever been a two players game. #ChessHistory #GamesHistory #HistoryOfGames

Originally four Player
Ivory chest Piece a man seated in two Horses.
17 th Century India.
Via British Museum London.
@pm @rashtrapatibhvn @Tejasvi_Surya

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Neue Fide-Regeln seit dem 01.01.2023: Deutsche Übersetzung fertiggestellt



Women's Soviet champion and Women´s Estonian champion, Maaja Ranniku (engraving). Chess #Chess #chessgame #Ajedrez #schach #scacchi #xadrez #echecs

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Zur 10jahresfeier der Verleihung des­titels des #BergparkWilhelmshöhe plant die Museumslandschaft Hessen #Kassel (MHK) ein 3D-Modell der nichtrealisierten Teile der #barock­en #Wasserspiele.…
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It appears that #Friendica's @Twitter connector stopped its service over night; probably due to @elonmusk's anti third party app policy. This will deteriorate my user experience on #Twitter massively. If the #WordPress autoposter disappears, too, it's in fact bye bye, Twitter.
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Die Schachabteilung des ESV Rot-Weiß Göttingen beehrt sich, wieder ihr Vereinsturnier für das Jahr 2023 auszuschreiben. Diesmal wieder mit neun Runden.…
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